"I hope you enjoy this hand-crafted traditional Christmas Dresden Stollen from our tiny wood-fired Bakery on the rugged coast of Big Sur, California. Bathed in butter, coated with sugar and studded with rummed raisins and house-candied citrus zest, this intricately flavored holiday loaf is a celebration of love and good taste to be savored as you and your family usher in a sweet new year."



Stollen is an ancient fruit bread/cake dating back to 500AD, when people baked in communal ovens and created preservation techniques still used today for this time-honored loaf. Stuffed and studded with alcohol-soaked dried and candied fruit, dipped in clarified butter and dredged in sugar, the bread has a very long natural shelf life and tastes better with age.


At the Big Sur Bakery, we fill our yeasted bread with rummed raisins, candied citrus, quince and almond paste, then dip and seal it all in butter; the flavors meld as the loaf cures under a layer of vanilla-scented organic sugar.

Perfect for gift-wrapping and shipping, it becomes more intricately flavored over time—we've tasted and enjoyed it one, three, six months, even a year after baking. The Egyptians might have chosen to be buried with honey to carry them into the afterlife, but I’d choose Stollen any day.

—michelle rizzolo, baker

2013 stollen can be ordered now online and shipping will start December 1st.

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featured in the Wall Street Journal's top 50 gifts for 2012 and in New York Magazine

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