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Concord grapes straight from vines grown high on a Big Sur ridge; served with chewy peanut butter cookies sprinkled with sea salt.

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Concord grapes straight from vines grown high on a Big Sur ridge; served with chewy peanut butter cookies sprinkled with sea salt.

about the homesteader's harvest line

This region's long heritage of self-reliance originates with the settlers who staked their claim and homestead in Big Sur. Courageous and of independent spirit, they sought huge expanses of land, sacrificing domestic luxuries to inhabit a rugged coast where only a hearty few could thrive.

Isolation slowed the progression of modern life, and struggles and risks remain part of our lives here today; weather and fire can trap us, separating us instantly from what few present-day conveniences we have. We contend with power outages and failing generators, road closures, rock slides, mud slides, downed trees and washed-out roads.

We modern homesteaders trade urban amenities for a simpler, quieter existence. We live just to the side of the grid (and in some cases, off it entirely). We heat our homes with fire and stock our pantries with dry goods; we grow, preserve, ferment and dry our own food, our hard work carrying us through winter storms until a time when we can plant again. We sacrifice many day-to-day conveniences in exchange for a special solitude.

There are no large farms in Big Sur, only small orchards and a few folks who've planted a little more each year just to have extra produce to sell or trade within our tiny community. The Bakery's relationships with these friends grow year by year, and many stop by to sell us their extra yield. It often comes to us in baskets and bags accompanied by a friendly smile and a shared story, over a cup of tea if time allows.

To capture the spirit of homesteading and nurture our connection with community and friends, we are preserving and making available very limited quantities of our harvest. Each preserve will be paired with a Bakery treat that complements our jarred goodness. Please enjoy; we will continue bringing you products using ingredients grown by friends on our coast.


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